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Uitenhage Super Steel, strives to remain a leading structural steel provider in the Eastern Cape with a reputation to deliver products and services that consistently meet the expectations of clients and stakeholders. Rigorous quality measures ensure that standards and client requirements are explicitly stated and monitored throughout the project life cycle. We value collaboration and continuous communication with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders in pursuing its quality policy and in continually striving for improvements in service quality.


Introduction to Management team:

USS has a vibrant, young senior management team with a collective experience of more than 60 years.


Uitenhage Super Steel (USS) is located in the hub of the automotive industry of the Nelson Mandela Metro. Since 1972, the company has developed an enviable reputation in the manufacturing and erecting of structural steel. The facility includes:

  • Fabrication Area: 6000 m²
  • Plate Girder workshop: 1000 m²
  • Material Storing area: 850 m²
  • Paint shop: 1 300 m²
  • Mechanical workshop: 425 m²

The USS commitment to quality and customer services has contributed to the introduction of the latest technology to support the design, manufacturing and erecting process and thereby offering a comprehensive service to customers. The workshop technology includes Peddinghaus CNC beam drilling machines, angle masters and a plate processor machine.

In 2014, Uitenhage Super Steel installed and commissioned a Plate Beam Welding Machine at their manufacturing facility in Uitenhage in order to offer their clients a more versatile range of structural steel products. The Beam Welding Machine creates the possibility for USS to deliver customer specific plate girders, plate beams and box beams that allow for greater flexibility in the design and construction of buildings.

Drawings and Manufacturing

USS continually strives to introduce the most contemporary technology available within the structural steel industry. This philosophy create efficiency and effectiveness with regard to delivery times as well as consistently meeting the agreed quality standards. This include highly sophisticated plate processor technology, angle master machines and hi-tech boring machines. With a component in-house drawing use that use the facilities of TEKLA, client needs can be achieved.

A fully equipped drawing office use TEKLA to support the design and issue of workshop drawings to the manufacturing process. This technology encourages effortless communication with the project professional team, main contractor and the client in a number of performance areas. The TEKLA bimsight viewer offers accessible 3D views of models to discuss design issues, identify possible areas of unforeseen clashes as well as coordinate expectations with regard to the final product among stakeholders.  TEKLA creates a range of reports that provide an integrated management system to plan and track the project progress in a professional manner. This include assembly and material bill lists to assist with the measurement of progress and claims.

USS prides itself in achieving high welding standards which are linked to Welding Procedure Specifications and the welding team is qualified against these procedures. Each project receives a welding book that includes the Welding Procedure Specification, Procedure Qualification Record as well as the Welder Operator Performance Qualification.   Inspection documentation is included in the data file.

The final step in the manufacturing process involves the protective coating. Based on the project requirements, the protective coating can include sand blasting and painting in the well-equipped painting facility of Uitenhage Super Steel or transport to the local galvanising facility. All protective coating processes are completed as per a QCP approved by the client. The QCP include details with regard to the preparation of the steel, measurement of paint thickness and the measurement of all relevant environmental elements.


USS has maintained compliance to the ISO 9001:2008 standards since 2010. All work processes within the USS manufacturing processes is framed by pre-set quality standards including SANS 50025 associated with structural steel materials, AWS D1.1 2010 guiding all welding applications and inspections and SANS 10162-1:2011. The Quality Management System ensures that all project elements are tracked and verified throughout the manufacturing process. This ensures that the client receives a comprehensive project data book at the completion of the project.

The Beam Welding Machine creates the possibility for USS to deliver customer specific plate girders, plate beams and box beams that allow for greater flexibility in the design and construction of buildings.

USS are able to manufacture a wide range sizes including:

  • Web sizes range from a height of 200 to 2,000 millimetres, with thicknesses of 6 mm to 30 mm.
  • Flange sizes offered are from a width of 150 to 1,000 mm and thicknesses from 6 mm to 80 mm.
  • The maximum beam weight is set at 1,000 kilograms per metre, and beam length at 12 metres – although longer beams may be manufactured upon request.

The welding machine operates with pre-cut plates that are sandblasted prior to the assembly in order to rust and mill scale. This ensures that the highest quality of welding can be achieved. Depending on the client requirement the beam profile can be delivered to the client workshop or site at this time. Alternatively, the beam is moved to the main manufacturing area in USS for further assembly, drilling or welding depending on customer requirements.


TIAPOINT is responsible for the erecting of the structural steel manufactured by Uitenhage Super Steel. Numerous opportunities emerged within the market for small and medium businesses, USS initiated a process to establish and support an erecting company to operate within the construction industry. TIAPOINT was established in 2013 as part of a transformation process within USS to support SMME development within the industry. In 2016, USS transferred all staff from their erecting division to TIAPOINT.

The organization consist of three erecting teams ranging from 12 to 8 team members.   TIAPOINT’s greatest asset and competitive edge in the market is the substantial years of experience and expertise in the field of steel erecting. The experience of the team supervisors as steel erectors exceeds 10 years and the average years of experience of the team members range from 15 years to 6 years.

TIAPOINT prides themselves in their consistent compliance to the legislative framework that governs good practice within the construction industry. Their commitment to compliance is reflected in the continuous adherence to the OSCHACT, employee related regulations and financial statutory requirements. This enables TIAPOINT to provide clients with all the relevant documentation on request.   Health & Safety files and audits are delivered as a priority on all sites and the teams endeavour to deliver first off compliance in all matters related to H&S.


Uitenhage Super Steel has a proud record of project delivery that successfully meet customer expectations in the design, fabrication and erecting of high quality structural.


USS Crane Hire have a diversified range of mobile cranes consisting of Rough Terrain, All Terrain, Spider Cranes as well as Crane Trucks with a lifting capacity ranging from 2.9 Ton to 90 Ton. We also offer rigging services, container moving and Kwikspace relocation

We have been awarded several long and short term contracts on large infrastructure projects, like new factories and shopping malls, road and bridge construction and steel structure erection. With our Spider Cranes we can assist with machine installations inside factories or work on concrete decks to install ducting or structural steel.

We have experienced operators with excellent safety records and all our machines and equipment are tested and inspected by independent assessors to ensure we comply with all relevant safety standards. Our aim is to offer our clients the most economical and cost effective solution to every application. We are also a member of the CPHA and apply all their guidelines and principles.