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Beam Building



The Beam Welding Machine creates the possibility for USS to deliver customer specific plate girders, plate beams and box beams that allow for greater flexibility in the design and construction of buildings.

USS are able to manufacture a wide range sizes including:

  • Web sizes range from a height of 200 to 2,000 millimetres, with thicknesses of 6 mm to 30 mm.
  • Flange sizes offered are from a width of 150 to 1,000 mm and thicknesses from 6 mm to 80 mm.
  • The maximum beam weight is set at 1,000 kilograms per metre, and beam length at 12 metres – although longer beams may be manufactured upon request.

The welding machine operates with pre-cut plates that are sandblasted prior to the assembly in order to rust and mill scale. This ensures that the highest quality of welding can be achieved. Depending on the client requirement the beam profile can be delivered to the client workshop or site at this time. Alternatively, the beam is moved to the main manufacturing area in USS for further assembly, drilling or welding depending on customer requirements.

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